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Standard delivery times to countries neighboring to the Czech Republic reach 24 to 48 hours, most other countries are served from 48 to 72 hours. Deliveries to more distant European destinations and to islands can take 72 to 168 hours.

Zone SK

1 - 2 days: Slovakia

First zone

2 days: Germany, Austria and Poland

Second zone

2 - 3 days: Belgium (2 days), Denmark (2 days), France (2-3 days), Netherland (2 days), Croatia (3 days)*, Luxemburg (2 days), Hungary (2 days), Slovenia (3 days)

Third zone

3 - 7 days: Bulgaria (4 days), Estonia (4 days), Ireland (4 days), Italy (3-4 days), Lithania (4 days), Spain (4-7 days), Romania (3 days)

Fourth zone

3 - 7 days: Finland (4-7 days), Portugal (4-7 days), Sweden (3-6 days)